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Bring your toy and make a kid happy

"Bring your toy and make a kid happy" campaign, Timboo Cafe has started so that every child has toys and grows up with toys.
You can leave your new toys or your used toys which are in good condition to the toy collection boxes located at the Timboo Café's in Armada, Kentpark and Panora Shopping Centers, and donate a toy to your little brothers and sisters.
No kid should grow up without toys. Please support this important campaign.
Our aim with this campaign is to bring forward, values such as "sharing and solidarity" and to ensure that children who need toys, who are orphans, who are living in social services and children protection institutions have toys to play with. We have prepared toy collection boxes special to the campaign in Timboo café branches located in Panora, Kentpark and Armada shopping centers so that you can share your used toys which are in good condition or your new toys with the orphans. The toys that shall be collected with your support in these toy collection boxes will be stored regularly by the authorities and shall be delivered to those in need.




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