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Toys Were Delivered

The campaign organized jointly by ‘Max Fm' and Timboo Cafes, to make sure that, on this April 23, No Child is Deprived of Toys and every one of them grows up enjoying toys, has now ended after drawing intense interest from our customers.
Throughout the campaign, you have dropped more than 5.000 toys into the toy collection boxes standing at Timboo Café branches in Panora, Kentpark, Armada and Arcadium Shopping Malls.
The toys were delivered the elementary schools in Kars-Yemençayır, Ağrı-İbrahim Çeçen, Şanlıurfa-Urfa Bozova Ortatepe, Van-Çaldıran Suveren, Kurtoğlan, Kuyucak, Yukarı Mutlu and Bitlis Adil Cevaz Hızırşah villages.
Thank you so much for the great interest you have shown to our campaign, "No Child Should be Deprived of Toys this April 23!"


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