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Message from Selçuk Türköz Chairman of Crew Restaurant Group

My dear teammates,

We feel the excitement and pride of celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Timboo Café, the first brand of our group.

In the 10th year of our association, which started on March 26th, 2008, when Timboo Café was opened, we have created some valuable brands, each one at world standards, like La Gioia, Carmelo's and Marlinda. And now, we continue growing and taking firm steps on our path, with all our distinguished brands mentioned with their concepts, services and production quality.

We have become one giant family of more than hundreds of thousands, including our teammates, guests and suppliers.

We have been building on our story, which began in Ankara 10 years ago when the first Timboo Café branch was opened, with the devoted efforts made by each of us and the importance we attach to details and we are carrying the same story into the future even more strongly with the branch we have opened in Istanbul and the branches we are preparing to open.

We have achieved significant increases in our market shares upon growing in the Food & Beverage and Service sectors, particularly through the Timboo Café brand. I believe that we will grow into an even stronger world brand as of 2018, with the new investments we are planning to make across Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, and in the international market.

Timboo Café brand is the brand of smiling faces

It is an undeniable fact that our human resources lie at the bottom of such power and that employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction. We will, therefore, continue offering highly-energetic, qualified and friendly services through our happy employees.

We will continue being a company that raises its own managers and maintain our in-house promotion system.

Timboo Café brand is the brand of smiling faces. I would like to thank all my teammates who always think of the next step to achieve our goals and who have put their minds, hearts and efforts into this as they believe in becoming the best of the best.

We will continue taking firm steps towards the future.

As we continue our efforts with the responsibility and awareness to provide the best and the most quality service all the time, we have left behind a year, during which we attained a high number of significant achievements for our group. After opening five branches in Ankara, we have reached the sixth branch of Timboo Café brand in İstanbul. Despite the economic and political fluctuations around the world and in Turkey, we have continued working without compromising our struggle and objectives and without losing heart.

We not only strengthen the leader position of Timboo Café, the most beloved brand in Ankara, but also prepare for opening up new branches in line with the decisions we make towards growing and our strategic objectives.

We will be writing new success stories

Our team has the biggest share in the growth and success achieved by Timboo Café. In addition to them, I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude and respect to our guests for their confidence and love, to our children growing with Timboo, to all our suppliers and to our friends who have always supported us in writing new success stories.

Kemal Selçuk Türköz

Chairman, Crew Restaurant Group

March 2018, Ankara 



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