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 “The most exquisite meeting point in Ankara”


The chicest project and brand of Ankara, designed especially for Beymen in Kavaklıdere.

In La Gioia’s menu, highly special wines and desserts accompany the most exquisite tastes from the Italian and European cuisines.

La Gioia, where coziness is blended with Parisian elegance, has decorative details created by using huge curtains letting all the sunshine in, original Venetian mirrors and delicate porcelain objects. This chic and modern ambiance is complemented by a garden where guests can comfortably spend time at any hour of the day.

Hosting guests with Mediterranean warmth and sincerity, La Gioia continues being a spot preferred by the most distinguished names of the society, owing to its service quality that remain unchanged since 2012.

Located at the heart of the city, at the most delightful point of Kavaklıdere district, our restaurant serves all day, starting with breakfast in the morning.

Tahran Caddesi No:2
Kavaklıdere / ANKARA