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“Different geographies, fascinating cultures and traditional tastes…”

Representatives of the unique cuisine cultures of a wide territory starting from the Middle East and extending to the Mediterranean, reaching to Hatay, Gaziantep, Kilis, Şanlıurfa and Edirne cuisines are available in the menu of Marlinda Restaurant & Café.

In the menu of Marlinda, the consultant of which is a famous chef, Ömür Akkor, who was rewarded for his researches on Turkish Cuisine Culture and History of Anatolian Cuisine, you can enjoy modernized versions of impressive traditional meals of the Middle Eastern, Anatolian and Mediterranean cuisines, ranging from Falafel to Tirit Kebab, from Cherry-Stuffed Grape Leaves to Lamb Tandoori, from “Zahter” Chicken Shish Kebab to Hummus with Sujuk and “Cennet Çamuru” dessert.

Marlinda is also preferred for its elaborate breakfast menu reflecting the deep-rooted Anatolian cuisine culture, prepared by using local products.

The restaurant has a large wine cellar, a rich cocktail and bar menu. Decorated in a cozy and modern fashion, mostly with wood, Marlinda offers a sophisticated and comfortable dining experience with a spacious garden sitting.

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