Supporting our Women from Ayvalık!

A project initiated in cooperation with Ayvalık Municipality ve and City Council supports the women of Ayvalık who want to produce and contribute to their home economics.

Brought into existence through the dreams of women from Ayvalık and each one featuring a work of art, Egemden bottles evolve into a Yudum happiness story.

Each figure embellishing the bottles of Egemden is inspired by Ayvalık district and represents symbols identified with the region; olive trees, Ayvalık cats, historical doors, the sea, seagulls and boats are only a few of those symbols.

These bottles we offer for sale at Marlindarestaurant is associated with the story of a woman from Ayvalık who is a part of Yudum Ege’s Blessing is in a Woman’s Labor. They contribute to her happiness and home. We are looking forward to see you at Marlinda, with a view to promote the rise of new hopes.