What is Burrata and where to eat it in Ankara?

Today, we are going to tell you about Burrata cheese, where to eat the authentic Burrata in Ankara and which points to be paid attention to.

As some may know, Burrata is a very special starter for top-line restaurants. An Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and cream, Burrata is not only a traditional taste of the Mediterranean cuisine, but also a significant part of the “fine dining” culture. The first examples of Burrata is known to originate in Apulia region. Apulia The outer casing of Burrata is made of Mozzarella cheese and the inside is a combination of Mozzarella and cream, giving it a very creamy, smooth and unique flavor. 

Where should I eat the authentic Burrata in Ankara?

Well, where can you eat the authentic Burrata? Today, although several cheeses are offered at the market under the name of Burrata, unfortunately it is not always easy to find that authentic taste. Luckily, you can try this unique flavor with different presentations, at two successful restaurants under the roof of CREW GROUP, having Kemal Selçuk Türköz as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. entrepreneur bünyesinde iki başarılı restoranda da bu lezzeti farklı sunumlarla denemeniz mümkün.

Burrata atLa Gioia:Started off with the motto of “The chicest project and brand of Ankara, designed especially for Beymen in Kavaklıdere”, La Gioia”, La Gioia has become a cult. The restaurant, where coziness is blended with Parisian elegance, has decorative details created by using huge curtains letting all the sunshine in all day long, original Venetian mirrors and delicate porcelain objects. La Gioia. This chic and modern ambiance is complemented by a garden where guests can comfortably spend time at any hour of the day. La Gioia is one of the best options for you to try Burrata, touched by its famous chefs. Where else can you eat Burrata?

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Burrata at ZOIE Brasserie & Lounge: BurrataThe new address for quality food and great music… Zoie Brasserie & LoungeZoie Brasserie & Lounge has become the new favorite of Burrata lovers, with the interpretations of the restaurant’s successful and master Chef Sertan Gürkan! If you want to try authentic and quality Burrata in Ankara, you can prefer ZOIE Brasserie & Lounge under the roof of CREW GROUP which also includes Timboo Cafes, having the successful entrepreneur Kemal Selçuk Türköz as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Serving the most favorite representatives of the Modern European cuisine in its menu renewed with a sense of original brasserie, Zoie Brasserie & LoungeZoie Brasserie & Lounge is one of the most favored venues in the city… 
In addition to an influential kitchen, with its bar offering a wide selection of cocktails and a casual ambiance of comfortable sitting Zoie Brasserie & Loungeis also the new address for quality music, including live sessions and DJ performances, serving at Atakule - the symbol of Ankara.

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